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Always there when you need us

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META Dynamic has a 16-year unrivaled history of service and support to over 240 hospitals and nearly 460 surgeons. 

META services include:  


  • Surgical navigation rentals:  Immediate availability for when the hospital system goes down or to access capability your current system does not have:  spine navigation, biopsy or catheter placement.  Each rental is supported by our techs with all single use items provided.


  • Navigation tech support:  Immediate availability to our certified navigation specialists to support the use of the hospital’s navigation system.  This provides you an expert tech when the staff is not comfortable with the system or weekends, vacations or illness necessitate assistance. 


  • Spine Navigation:  Nearly 8,200 navigated spine surgeries, 167+ spine surgeons


  • Ultrasonic aspirator rentals:  When you have conflicting surgeries, your system goes down or you have old technology….  META can provide you immediate access to a modern & cost effective alternative.


  • Single use navigation spheres:  META is a distributor for IZI reflective spheres that are used with the navigation systems for each of the industry leaders. 


The META Team Credentials:

  • Expertise: Approaching 200-years of cumulative navigation experience

  • Experience: Over 16,000 system rentals to date

  • Support: Over 10,000 supported surgeries on hospital owned systems

  • Support: 2,000+ Stealth cases

  • Spine: Over 8,000 navigated spine surgeries

  • Systems: Experienced with the leading navigation systems available

  • Referrals: We would gladly refer you to any of our hospitals or surgeons

  • Response: 17 navigation systems, 8 ultrasonic aspirators, 30 certified surgical techs & 5 delivery trucks poised to respond to your need


We look forward to the opportunity to discuss our value to your hospital and surgeons!