Navigation Specialists from the beginning.

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Who are We

Tom Pfleider, our founder, worked as a manufacturers rep with stereotactic pioneer Radionics for 18 years providing stereotactic systems and services to surgeons and hospitals in Southern California.  Tom spearheaded the placement of some of the initial image guided systems in the country and saw the technology progress from its infancy to the advanced systems META provides today.

Today Meta Dynamic is leading the way in Surgical Navigation Support with a team of Clinical Specialist's, drivers and dispatchers to ensure that every hospital or surgeon is supported 24/7.

24/7 Support and Loving Every Minute

At Meta Dynamic, we work with surgeons and hospital staff who dedicate their lives to improving patient lives and delivering excellent patient care.  Our goal is simple, we strive everyday to lessen the burden on others while delivering the best outcomes for the patients and staff we work with.


Early in 2002, Tom convinced Cbyon, a navigation system provider in Silicon Valley, to work with him to implement his model of providing image guided surgery capability on a fee-per-use basis with tech support. 

In August 2004, META contracted with industry leader Medtronic Navigation to provide their Stealth Station guidance system in our fee-per-use program. Over the next 3 years our surgical volume and unrivaled reputation for response and service continued to grow.

In 2007, META transitioned to a new relationship with another industry leader: BrainLAB. META also implemented a new program to provide our experienced techs to support hospital owned Medtronic & BrainLAB systems.

In 2008, META added ultrasonic aspirators to its fee-per-use program.  Open and minimally invasive spine navigation is now the fastest growing segment of our business. Our experience in navigation and spine has lead to refined surgical techniques that assure the benefits of navigated spine are maximized.

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Our Management Team

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Tom Pfleider
Evan Pfleider
Vice President 
Shaun Moore
General Manager
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Brian Moore
Director of Business
Aaron Tea
California Regional Director
Austin Cheeley
San Diego Regional Manager